Architecture & Design Ltd has been established by Mr Ramdas S P Mootanah, a registered professional architect, who is in private practice in Mauritius since 1984. The firm has been incorporated as a private company since January 1989 and has among its objectives, the practice of Sustainable, Innovative Architecture and Quality in designs. We at ADL believe that ‘Quality only happens when you care enough to do your best’.

The services being at present offered by the firm are mainly Architecture and Quality Assurance. Our clients are mostly in the private sector and we are mainly involved in Residential and Commercial projects. The firm also acts as consultant for Investment Trusts & private clients of Anahita IRS, Tamarina IRS, Belle Rivière IRS Complex, Azuri IRS Complex & Valriche IRS Projects (certifying the quality of works & taking possession of villas on their behalf).

We are able to provide close supervision for all our projects and where specialised projects are concerned, we are ready to associate with other firms for Joint Venture. We have worked in the recent past with John Dickinson Architects in London, Charles Madert in Paris, COMETE International in Tunisia and SANAE Architecture in Lyon on specific projects. We have a committed team of qualified personnel and our motto has been “always give your clients more than what they expect to get”.