12 May

You've finally reached that moment in your life ! You're planning on buying a plot of land and to build your dream house. You've saved up, taken your loan and are ready to begin this amazing adventure. Here are a few things that you need to know :

1. Why do you need an architect ?

As per the law, any construction above 150sqm requires, a registered architect’s intervention. Why ? An architect accompanies you from the conception of your design to the final completion of your construction. Having an architect offers the assurance and benefit of a 10 year professional liability for any faulty design in the building. Any architect who signs drawings which are not his/hers can be deregistered from the Professional Architects' Council.

2. Choose your contractor wisely.

"Bo marse kout ser." (What's cheap might cost you more later.) The choice of a building contractor is a crucial one as this will determine how smoothly your construction will progress. You should choose a CIDB registered contractor for safety measures. In Mauritius, there exist different grading levels for contractors. Visit the CIDB website for more info. 


We, as architects, plan, draw and provide the most explicit explanations to avoid any misunderstanding during the construction phase. However, through the years, we have had the experience of working with a wide range of contractors across different grading levels and can therefore, assist our clients with choosing their contractors wisely.

3. Building and Land Use Permit Application is an online process.

Once your design is finalised, you will use the architect’s and engineer’s drawings to apply for your building permit online. Many architects apply on behalf of their clients since this process can often be tricky. Here’s a little checklist of what you will need :

  • Title deed of your site
  • ID card of Applicant 
  • Architect's drawings
  • Engineer's drawings
  • Clearances from different authorities depending on the location and magnitude of the project.

You need to know that you will receive a pulling down notice if you begin your construction without holding a Building and Land Use Permit.

4. Written Agreements are better than verbal ones.

Any agreement that you may have with your neighbour allowing you to build closer to your boundary wall and thus, infringe on some laws, should be in written form.

5. The design should be tailored to withstand our climate changes.

Mauritius is a tropical country with cyclones becoming stronger as the years go by. That is why we have certain guidelines to follow to make our buildings cyclone resistant. The architect provides you with a list of specifications which will assist you in choosing your various suppliers.

6. Be careful about adding storeys on to an existing building.

In Mauritian culture, it is common practice to add storeys on to existing buildings. For instance, mum and dad live on the ground floor, and when their child becomes an adult, he adds a storey and lives on the first floor. It is always good practice that the plans be checked to make sure that the foundations, columns and beams are strong enough to hold another storey.

7. The little kitchen outside is a Mauritian tradition !

Mauritians also like to have a kitchen outside the house. We’ve come across a lot of clients thinking about that outdoor kitchen once the building is completed. Depending on the design, it can still be added. However, this is why it is very important for you to be clear about your needs and desires when planning your dream home.

8. Waterproofing is mandatory.

Waterproofing is mandatory especially if you are building a concrete house. "Lapli tombe mo lakaz koule." (Mauritian lyrics of a song saying - everytime it rains, my house is flooded.) - We definitely do not want that ! 

9. Choose a passive design.

Opt for a passive design including cross ventilation instead of investing in air coolers. Knowing where to position openings is an essential part of the design. Orientation of the building on site is the key element.

10. Choose people you trust and RELAX !

Trust the process. The construction stage is always very stressful. That is why you should be surrounded by a team of trusted professionals.

The ADL Team

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